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Is it true to put cell phone in pocket to kill sperm? What are the hazards of cell phone radiation

Is it true to put pocket spermicide? What are the hazards of cell phone radiation

Four seas network: in recent years, the popularity of smart phones has achieved a large-scale growth. From human communication tools, it has become a window for everyone to understand the world. However, it also makes people rely more and more on mobile phones, and bring them to you every day. I don't know how harmful it is to your body. Mobile phones radiate your body all the time. Let's take a look at it Look, where can't I put my cell phone!

When people use mobile phones, mobile phones will transmit radio waves to the transmitting base station, and radio waves will be more or less absorbed by the human body, which is the radiation of mobile phones Generally speaking, the radiation of mobile phone in standby mode is smaller, while that in call mode is larger. When the mobile phone number has been dialed out but has not been connected, the radiation is the largest, and the radiation is about three times of that in standby mode. These radiation may change human tissues and cause adverse effects on human health.

1. Few male friends hang their mobile phones on their chest, but they usually don't wear them on their waist or in their pockets. That's not good either. The biggest headache for men is that cell phone radiation may affect their fertility It is recommended to keep the mobile phone away from the waist and abdomen when using the mobile phone. Do not hang the mobile phone on the waist or in the coat pocket. When in the office, at home or in the car, it's best to put the mobile phone aside. When you go out, you can put your mobile phone in a leather bag, which is far away from your body.