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What kind of people can't drink tea? How many do you know

What kind of people can't drink tea? How many do you know

Sihaiwang: drinking tea is good for health, but some people are not suitable for drinking tea. If you drink tea, it will backfire and damage your health. Drinking tea is such a common thing. You must know some taboos.

First, some people are not suitable for tea

Pregnant woman

It is not suitable to drink tea in the early stage of pregnancy, because the early stage is the formation of fetal nervous system, alkaloids in tea will affect the development of the fetus, so it is better not to drink tea in this period. At the beginning of the fourth month, you can choose to drink light tea and drink 1-2 cups of tea every day. Pregnant women must drink appropriate amount of tea. Excessive tea drinking will affect the absorption of iron by the fetus.

Lactating women

Drinking strong tea during lactation, too much caffeine will enter the milk, and children will be excited indirectly after sucking milk, which is easy to cause less sleep and more crying.


Children should drink tea moderately, especially for young children. They should not drink too much, let alone strong tea and herbal tea. Drinking too much tea will increase the water content in the child's body, increase the burden on the heart and kidney; drinking too much tea will make the child over excited, the heart rate will speed up, the number of urination will increase, and cause insomnia.

Second, patients with some diseases should be cautious when drinking tea


Tannic acid in tea can be combined with iron to form insoluble final compound, so that the body can not get enough iron source, so anemia patients should not drink tea.


Caffeine in tea has the function of stimulating nerve center. Although theanine has the function of calming nerves and calming nerves, the two functions can be counteracted, for neurasthenia patients, drinking strong tea, especially in the afternoon and at night, will cause insomnia and aggravate the condition. You can drink tea once in the morning and afternoon respectively. You can drink flower tea in the morning, green tea in the afternoon, and no tea at night Tea.

Peptic ulcer

Tea is a kind of stimulant for gastric acid secretion. Drinking tea can increase the amount of gastric acid secretion, increase the stimulation to the ulcer surface, aggravate the discomfort of the stomach, and easily cause symptoms such as acid regurgitation and heartburn. However, for mild patients, it is helpful to drink black tea with sugar and milk for anti-inflammatory and gastric mucosa protection, as well as for ulcer healing. Drinking tea can also block the synthesis of nitroso compounds in the body and prevent precancerous mutations.

Patient with coronary heart disease

Caffeine and theophylline in tea are stimulants, which can enhance the function of the heart. Drinking a lot of strong tea will speed up the heart rate. In general, it is no problem for patients with coronary heart disease to drink light tea. However, if they drink a lot of strong tea, plus external stimulation, they will increase the incidence of cardiovascular accidents.

Patients with hypertension

High blood pressure patients should not drink strong tea. If high blood pressure patients drink too much strong tea, because of the excitatory effect of caffeine, blood pressure will rise, which is not conducive to health. It is suggested to pour out the first brew of tea soup so that most of the extracted caffeine can be avoided.

Third, be careful when drinking tea

After meal

Many people like to drink a cup of thick tea immediately after a meal, which can relieve greasiness. However, the tannic acid in tea reacts with the iron element in the food to generate new substances that are difficult to dissolve. As time goes on, iron deficiency in human body is caused, resulting in iron deficiency anemia.


Drinking tea on an empty stomach can reduce the digestive function, dilute the gastric juice, and cause a large number of bad ingredients in tea to enter the blood, causing dizziness, panic, weakness of hands and feet and other symptoms. Especially office white-collar workers, when they don't have breakfast in the morning, don't drink strong tea. It's easy to get drunk.

Before going to bed

It's better not to drink tea within 2 hours before going to bed. Drinking tea will excite the spirit, affect sleep, and even cause insomnia, especially the newly picked green tea. After drinking, the nerves are easily excited, causing insomnia There are five elements in tea, and health care is very important. Chinese tea has a variety of forms, different fragrance, taste and different efficacy. We should master the taboo of tea drinking, match the tea with our own physical condition, choose the right time and variety, and play the health function of tea, and really drink healthy.