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How to deal with the password lock of the suitcase

How to deal with the password lock of the suitcase many suitcases have a password lock, which is also for the purpose of going out more safely. However, the suitcase is often not used, and the password will be forgotten. How to unlock the password at this time? Here are some tips for you, hoping to help you!

Method 1:

1. Push the password as far as possible in the opposite direction that the switch can pull, open the flashlight gap, turn the password disk, and observe the shaft groove below.

2. After the groove is found, record the numbers corresponding to the groove, and record the numbers one by one in the three password disks.

3. Get three numbers, and process them bit by bit: add 5 if less than 5, and subtract 5 if more than 5, then you will get the password.

Method two:

There is a gap beside the turntable of the password lock. You can see it when you light it with a flashlight (some are very dense and ugly, but you can see it when you look hard). When you see it, you will find a white thing. When you turn the turntable of the password lock, it will move too. When you see the concave part, it will stop. The other two will operate in the same way. At this time, you will get a set of data. Here On the basis of the group data, add 5 (generally, some of them are not. But it doesn't matter, because the relationship between the three passwords has been determined. As long as you add an equal number at the same time, such as, you can get the password you forgot. If you are proficient, half a minute will be OK. I used to open it for a classmate in half a minute.

Method three:

Some netizens give such a way of ox X: try to start from 0001, it should be able to start before 9999, one second a password, 1000 seconds a round, 20 minutes enough! Two seconds a password, 2000 seconds a round, 35 minutes enough!

Method four:

Use the right hand to turn the password lock switch to the opening direction with proper force, slowly rotate the password from the leftmost one, feel the right hand move slightly, and then come to the second one, and then continue. Last time the child forgot the password, I opened it by this way.