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What do men eat to improve sperm quality to have a healthy baby, in addition to women's physical conditions, men also need to have healthy sperm. Healthy sperm is the key to pregnancy. Many men have poor sperm quality due to their own conditions and other reasons. So what can we eat to improve the sperm quality? Let's take a look at it!

Eat foods containing zinc and trace elements

It can be said that there are many microelements in male reproductive function, and zinc is the main microelements for sperm production and maturation, which is the key to ensure sperm quality. Some men have too little sperm. This is what we often call asthenospermia. We need not only to rely on the treatment of drugs, but also daily diet therapy to help us cure it. The production of sperm needs zinc, selenium, copper, cadmium and so on, among which zinc and selenium are the most important. The content of zinc in testis, epididymis and prostate is rich in men. The zinc in seminal plasma is mainly secreted by prostate, most of which are bound with protein and participate in normal reproductive function.

Can eat high protein food

Protein is the main substance that produces semen and sperm in male body, such as lean meat, pig spinal cord, dog meat, egg, sparrow meat, fish and shrimp, crab, scallop, milk, goat milk, chicken and duck, beef and mutton, and bean products. In addition, such as eel, sea cucumber, crab, black fish, cuttlefish, octopus, tendons, etc., not only contain a lot of high-quality protein, but also rich in arginine The foods with high arginine include frozen tofu, tofu skin, peanut, walnut, sesame, pigeon egg, laver, light vegetable, etc. Arginine is an essential component of spermatogenesis. The supplement of arginine from food is beneficial to spermatogenesis.

Can eat food containing arginine

In addition to the high protein food, the food containing arginine is also essential for men to eat what kind of sperm supplement, because it is an essential component to produce sperm, and oligozoospermia can occur in the absence of it. Many foods contain arginine, among which eel, black fish, sea cucumber, tendons, bean products and lean meat are the most abundant.

Food with sex hormone

If a man wants to replenish his sperm, he should not forget to enhance his sexual function, so he may as well have more food containing sexual hormones in his life, which can effectively improve his sexual function on the basis of replenishing his sperm.

Chicken liver, eggs, helmets and other cholesterol and lecithin rich in sex hormones and synthetic hormones can promote spermatogonial cell division and maturation, which is beneficial to spermatogenesis.

Can eat foods with vitamins

Vitamin A, B, C, e and so on are important substances to provide sperm and semen raw materials, promote sperm synthesis and metaplasia, regulate gonad function, enhance sperm vitality, protect the anti infection ability of accessory gonad and maintain the whole metabolism process of sperm. These vitamins are widely found in animal liver, vegetable oil, green leafy vegetables and carrots, peas, tomatoes, lentils, lettuce, cauliflower, pumpkins, potatoes, Shirley, cabbage, garlic, dates and fresh fruits.

Can eat nuts

Like pine nuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. Nuts are rich in zinc, 100 grams of walnut as high as 12.59 mg of zinc, so men should eat more of this kind of nut food.

Can eat pumpkin, onion and other food

Regular eating pumpkin leaves and seeds, white onions, ginger and other foods, plus proper physical exercise and maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking and not excessive drinking, etc., will also help men improve sperm quality.