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Masked singing will guess who is the 2 palette? Is the palette Lin Zhixuan?

This Sunday (September 17), the second season of "the masked singer will guess" is about to usher in the third program. The new guests of this issue 'Oh, I knocked over the palette' and confessed that there was a painter's dream, and painting collapsed on the spot. Which star is the palette? Who do you think it will be?

In last week's program, Wang Yuan, a member of tfboys, who called himself the "music master of our village", was suspected to be a member of the popular youth idol group, but it failed to be revealed. This week, the "music master" continued his "high waist trousers" style, wearing the clothes that he claimed to be "village chips". Unexpectedly, he was tragically exposed to "Wowkie Zhang Tucao" this dress is only worn by Kris Phillips, and he was so bitter that he said: "as a young man, he likes to wear high waist trousers. "It made the audience laugh constantly. So, who is this fashionable long legged fresh meat singer? It's high waisted pants trend icon Chen Weiting? Lu Han?

This week's new masked singing put the mask of 'Oh, I've knocked over the palette' together by a pile of colorful wooden boards, which looks messy but not lose the beauty. For this reason, the palette itself is proud to explain: 'because each board on it represents a different experience of my life, and it's the complete me to put it together. 'unexpectedly, his accent is just like selling sausages on the streets of Taiwan', attracting Wu Qixian, who has been watching secretly, to say frankly through his voice, 'he imitates Wu Bai in singing, but his singing reveals a little bit, like Lin Zhixuan'. Is it really Lin Zhixuan who loves painting 'Oh, I knocked over the palette'?

Misty clues make netizens speculate about the masked singer. In the noisy world, who is the "music master" who is the fashion icon that has fascinated thousands of girls? Is the "palette" Lin Zhixuan?