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Can the jade bracelet be repaired with cracks? Do jade bracelets have cracks that affect their value

There is an idiom in China that jade is as warm as jade, so many people like the high purity and warm quality of jade. Many people also like to wear jade bracelets in their daily life. Can the jade bracelets be repaired if they have cracks? Does the jade bracelets have cracks that affect their value?

Does jade bracelet have obvious crack influence value

Of course, line marks are the flaws that affect the value of jade most. If it's particularly conspicuous, you can cover the crack with a layer of gold. Next time, pay attention not to hit hard objects. You can still wear it as decoration. If you feel uncomfortable, you can only buy another one. The cracked jade belt is completely OK, just for decoration. But it has lost the collection value, so it's suggested to buy better gold jewelry, at least it's more real than jadeite, and if the gold jewelry is broken, it won't affect its own value. Unlike the office supplies like jadeite, if it's broken, it will lose a lot of value. It's hard to come. And if it's not for good jadeite, it's basically meaningless to collect. Good jadeite is tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of them.

You'd better buy gold if you don't have so much money. Hello! Don't worry. First of all, see if it's a 'broken grain'. If it's a stone, you can rest assured that the original structure of the jade is in the stone. If it's not a 'crack', it's a stone grain. It's horizontal. Is your bracelet bumped and cracked in trade, or is the bracelet you want to buy cracked? First of all, the crack is the biggest hard injury of bracelet, which has a great impact on the value, even worse. It will affect the value, but it will not affect the value of wearing.

Can you keep the jade bracelet with cracks

People want to eat jade, they need to absorb sweat, sweat and body fat to make jade more moist, shiny, and not easy to dry and crack. That's all, it won't change color, it won't change even, it won't change through cracks. It's impossible to recover the old man's saying that jade cracks without reason are for the owner to prevent disasters & hellip; & hellip; I heard that if it breaks, it can be connected with gold and wrapped with gold. In the professional field, your bracelet cracks The grain is called 'Liu'.

What should I do if there is a crack in the jade bracelet?

I know that if you can't touch it with egg liquid and pure milk (after heating, 5cm in high temperature), you can customize it and grind it into other decorations. If you mend it, it will open. You can go to the place where you bought the jade bracelet to mend it. If you don't have it, you can take it to the jade shop to mend it.