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How much is millet note3? Does Xiaomi 6 support face recognition?

Did you watch the millet new product launch? At the launch of Xiaomi note 3, the function that Xiaomi note 3 supports face unlocking was amazing. Many people were asking, does Xiaomi 6 support face recognition unlocking? How does Xiaomi 6 unlock face?

Does Xiaomi 6 support face recognition unlocking? How does Xiaomi 6 unlock faces

Now this function is still unavailable, please don't worry. This function may be put into use later. Please wait patiently.

On September 11, it was reported that Xiaomi note 3 was the other protagonist at the mix2 conference. Although Xiaomi note 3 claimed that the big version of Xiaomi 6 didn't have a big surprise in appearance and the configuration of Xiaomi note 3 was just standard, it didn't hinder the big screen Party's attention to Xiaomi note 3. Xiaomi note 3 also provided face unlocking and black technology support to learn the latest news about Xiaomi note 3.

Although it's called Xiaomi note 3, this new Xiaomi machine has too much connection with Xiaomi 6 in essence. In terms of appearance, you can see this is the enlarged version of Xiaomi 6, equipped with a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, which is still a double glass + metal middle frame design. However, the frame has been replaced with a 7-series aluminum frame, and the weight of the whole machine is 6G less than that of MI6, which is good news.

What is worth mentioning most is that compared with Xiaomi 6, the biggest feature of Xiaomi note3, known as the large screen version, is that it supports face unlocking. In the era of artificial intelligence, if the new mobile phone doesn't carry some high-tech black technologies, it's embarrassed to appear. For example, the mate10 that Huawei is about to release is characterized by an artificial intelligence processor. The face unlocking function provided by Xiaomi noe3 is also a black technology. Through the AI face recognition algorithm, it has high precision and fast speed, and can be unlocked quickly at a glance.

At present, Xiaomi note3 will be launched at 14:00 on September 12; the specific prices are 6 + 64GB Version (bright black) 2499 yuan, 6 + 128GB Version (bright black) 2899 yuan, 6 + 128G Version (bright blue) 2999 yuan.

Tomorrow morning, Apple's new product launch will be held. At that time, both the 10th anniversary iPhone X and iPhone 8 series will meet with you. Xiaomi chose to hold a new product launch the day before apple. I don't know if the mix2, relying on the full screen 2.0, can resist apple?