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The flower of the present underworld in Sichuan can the flower of the underworld really revive peopl

Have you heard of the flower of the underworld? As a symbol of evil and mystery, the flower of death has attracted many people's attention. Is there anything magical about this kind of flower? The flower of the underworld was found in Sichuan. It is said that it is a guide close to the road of death. Crystal orchid has another name such as "ghost grass", "dreamorchid", "flower of the underworld". Because aliases are special, they often attract special attention. In fact, in the past few years, this "flower of death" has appeared in many places.

According to Wang Kang, director of the Science Park of Beijing Botanical Garden, doctor of the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences and senior engineer, crystal orchid is a kind of perennial saprophytic plant of Pyrola family, with its name, crystal clear and crystal like. What's unique about this plant is that it doesn't have chlorophyll, so it can't photosynthesize like other plants. But it has its own way of survival. It gets nutrients by absorbing the nutrients of rotten leaves and maintains life. Therefore, crystal orchid will be called the "flower of death". It is worth mentioning that it is not as toxic as described in the novel, but a non-toxic plant. According to the people's daily, crystal orchids usually grow in coniferous forests or mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forests 800-3200 meters above sea level. In Yunnan, crystal orchid is mainly distributed in Kunming, Tengchong, Chuxiong, Deqin and other places, and the mountain forests in these places are usually inaccessible, which makes crystal orchid relatively rare.

Since crystal orchid is rare, can it be cultivated artificially? According to, because crystal orchid is a parasitic plant, its seeds are extremely small, almost no nutrients, and its roots are completely parasitic on the roots of other plants. This biological characteristic makes crystal orchid only suitable for the specific climate environment of cool and humid mountain forests, which is rich in humus, and can only rely on special bacteria Existence. Unless it can simulate its original environment for planting, crystal orchid is difficult to survive in the ordinary artificial environment, and the existing science and technology can not bring crystal orchid out of the mountains and forests. Therefore, crystal orchid is not suitable for artificial cultivation. If you want to see the beauty of crystal orchid, it's better to go to the natural forest.

Lu Yuan, a staff member of the Plant Diversity Research Office of Xi'an Botanical Garden, introduced in an interview with the reporter of Shaanxi that crystal orchid is very easy to wither, and the whole life process is only a few months, so it is difficult to survive after transplanting from the mountain to the plain, so if you see this kind of plant in the field, you must pay attention to the protection and do not pick it at will.

The flower of Shaanxi's present Underworld: crystal clear novels have the effect of reviving the dead

According to the Chinese business daily, in September 2016, a unique plant was found in Tianyu scenic area of zhouzhidian Town, with a plant height of more than 10 cm, growing in clusters and crystal clear. It is very rare! It is crystal orchid, also known as "ghost grass" and "dream orchid". In martial arts novels, it is often deified as a fairy grass with the effect of reviving the dead, or regarded as an evil incarnation with supernatural power that can kill people. Even its fragrance can make people smell it change. In the legend, it is also the flower of the underworld, a symbol of evil and mystery, so it is also called the flower of death.