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How to change lanes safely when driving in the scene of 6 lane changes and 4 car crashes?

a car in Tianjin changed lanes six times and four cars caught fire, killing one person and injuring three others. Such a tragic accident lesson also makes more people wake up. Do not change lanes at will when driving. Even if you want to change the way, you need to master scientific and reasonable skills!

On the morning of August 24, a traffic accident happened in front of the gate of Yicong garden, the expressway in Nankai District, Tianjin. One person died and three people were injured. The cause of the accident is under further investigation.

According to the preliminary survey of Tianjin traffic police, a Mazda minibus drove from east to west along the southeast half ring of the expressway to the front of Yicong garden gate. In the process of changing lanes to the left, it scratched with Volvo minibus in the same direction, crossed the road center isolation belt and drove into the opposite lane. It collided with the opposite taxi and two minibuses successively.

The accident resulted in one death, three injuries, a fire on Mazda passenger cars, and damage to four other cars to varying degrees. At present, the injured have been sent to the hospital for treatment. In the video of Volvo car's dash cam uploaded by netizens, the reporter saw that in one minute's video, Mazda car has changed lanes six times, during which there was a nearly ten second pressure. After scraping with Mazda car, it sped over the isolation belt and rushed to the opposite lane, directly hitting the normal taxi, causing The passenger on the passenger's seat died on the spot and collided with the two vehicles behind.

As of 14:50 on August 24, road traffic has returned to normal, and relevant departments are investigating the cause of the accident.

Correct safe lane change method:

Observe and judge the traffic conditions behind and on the side of the vehicle through the rearview mirror, and confirm whether there is a safe distance in the lane to be driven in. If it is not safe, you need to wait patiently. If it is safe, turn on the turn signal and observe whether there is any vehicle overtaking on both sides of the road. Turn smoothly and drive to the required lane without hindering the normal driving of other vehicles in the lane. Turn off the turn signal in time after the end of the lane change.

At the same time, each lane change can only be changed to the adjacent lane. If it is necessary to change to a lane other than the adjacent lane, it should first change to the adjacent lane, after driving for a section, then change to another lane. When changing lanes at intersections, observe road traffic signs and road markings in advance, select driving lanes correctly, and enter the guide lane before entering the solid line area.

In addition, when changing lanes, avoid sudden sharp turning of steering wheel into adjacent lanes, and prevent collision with normal driving vehicles or sideslip of their own vehicles. When changing the lane to the left or right, it should not be too slow. Generally, the lane should be changed at a distance of 50m.