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Disclosure of MLM brainwashing script and victim's personal description of MLM brainwashing routine

Disclosure of MLM brainwashing script and victim's personal description of MLM brainwashing routine MLM has always been a cancer in the society. In recent years, not only has it not been eradicated, but also a new mode of development has emerged. Recently, a victim of MLM's poisoning told the MLM's brainwashing routine by himself. Let's take a look at it together!

In 2016, Xiao Xie, who worked in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, went to Beihai, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to help at the invitation of a friend, but was cheated into MLM. Fortunately, Xiaoxie left Beihai after 4 consecutive days of brainwashing. Today, Xiaoxie reveals the brainwashing routine of MLM organizations on some Q & A apps. The reporter of Legal Daily contacted Xiao Xie and listened to his story.

Narrator: thanks to MLM victims

In June 2016, I experienced an unexpected pyramid scheme in Beihai, Guangxi. To this day, when I think of the situation at that time, I still feel cold sweat. The 'collectivization' and 'specialization' of MLM organizations is really horrible.


I work in a science and technology company in Shenzhen, and my income is fairly objective. That time, I was cheated to Beihai because of the "tender feelings" between my colleagues. To be exact, it should be a former colleague. He used to work with me in a company and went to other cities after he left, but we often communicated with each other and kept in touch.

One day in June 2016, my colleague called me and said that his supplier had a project in Nanning, Guangxi, which was about to be accepted. At that time, there was an urgent need for personnel to do the final commissioning work. When the supplier asked him to recommend a reliable person to help him, he thought of me and said that he was very well paid. At the beginning, I didn't agree. First, I had a lot of work on hand, and second, I had no experience in debugging. However, he called again and again. I couldn't help him, so I promised to help.

When we arrived in Nanning, we met at the appointed place, and his girlfriend was also present. After meeting, I proposed to meet with the supplier to discuss the commissioning and acceptance work, and hurry up to finish the work. Colleagues call suppliers immediately. Hang up, colleagues said that the supplier was delayed by Hong Kong affairs and had to come back for two days.

At that time, I was very angry. I asked for leave to run to Guangxi, but the other party delayed working hours at will, which was unacceptable. My colleague immediately comforted me and suggested that he and his girlfriend accompany me to travel to Beihai. But I can only promise.

When we arrived in Beihai, we spent a day visiting the whole city under the arrangement of our colleagues and girlfriends, including scenic spots, landmarks, ordinary cityscape, ordinary buildings, villas, Buddhist temples, etc., as well as the reception hall of the ten ASEAN countries.

I learned a lot about Beihai from my colleague's girlfriend's explanation. For example, the proportion of local people in this city is very small, most of them are foreigners, but the public security is very good, because the foreigners cooperate with each other and have a 'common goal'. At that time, I listened to these things as new things and didn't think about them deeply. Later I learned that the so-called "common goal" is actually to ambush a pen.

During the day, my colleague and his girlfriend were very friendly, and I didn't have to pay for all the expenses, which made me very embarrassed.

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The next day, my colleague and girlfriend took me to visit some local friends.

The first stop is to visit a northeast girl who is said to have worked in a media company. After introducing each other, my colleague's girlfriend suddenly turned the topic of conversation to the study of Beihai City, and then the Northeast girl took the conversation and went online through a laptop, typing several words on the search website: Beihai, western development, Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, ASEAN 10 + 1, etc. The Northeast girl showed me these contents and explained the investment environment of Beihai.

After talking about it for a while, her elder sister came here, and went on directly following what she said. From the development of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone to the virtual economy, from the virtual economy to their investment model: 'five steps and three advances' system. According to the explanation, they call the "five level three in" system as "big bus". Specifically, it means that each person pulls three members. According to the level of advancement, when they reach level a, they will have a share of 600 people. They don't need to pull any more members. After that, they can get money every month. After they get 10.4 million yuan, they will quit the project. One person can only play once in his life.

Hear here, I understand. This is MLM. Due to the face of my colleagues and their girlfriends, I didn't say it directly at that time.


From the Northeast girl's home, I think it might be the girlfriend of a colleague who made friends carelessly, and didn't think much about it. Follow her to visit her friends.

The second stop is to have dinner with two foreign students. At the dinner, an older man gave an impassioned explanation of the Beibu Gulf form to prove the legitimacy of the "five step three step" system. I was very sleepy.

After dinner, my colleague took me to his girlfriend's house. It wasn't long before we got in that a friend called. It is said that this man used to be a civil servant, and now he is investing in Beihai. After meeting and exchanging greetings, the other party went straight to the theme, introduced the "five step three step" system based on his experience in government departments, and took out his laptop to play some videos. After watching the videos, I found that they were actually reports on MLM organizations in the TV news. This person kept explaining what was wrong in the videos, in order to prove to me that MLM was legal.

Seeing that I'm not interested in listening, my colleague's girlfriend suggested that we go to the bar to relax. In a bar, we met another friend, who claimed to be back from studying in the UK, and began to talk about life taste and how to make the North Sea comfortable in the climate and live with small capital. The purpose was to let me stay.

Out of the bar, we went back to our colleague's girlfriend's rental house. I just had a few words, and another 'friend' came to visit '. The man, who looks about 40 years old and has a Jiangsu Zhejiang accent, claims to have been a human resources executive and is now starting a business in the North Sea. He talked to me about the mechanization and substitutability of people in modern enterprises. There is no future for working. He started his business in Beihai, and now he has introduced 600 people to become members, ready to go abroad to buy gold.

After the man introduced "successful experience", my colleague's girlfriend took me to visit an economics professor. The professor talked a lot about the principles of capital operation. At this point, I'm tired of listening. Seeing that I am impatient, my colleague said that if I don't listen, my friend relationship will end here.

At that time, I naively thought that colleagues and his girlfriend were also victims, so I persuaded myself to listen to them and next reminded them to stay away from these MLM personnel.


After three days in Beihai, I was deeply impressed by several situations: MLM used villas, landmarks and landscapes, bookstores, car rentals, car charters, even grass and trees to guide the entrants. Among them, I was most surprised to use urban landscape for propaganda.

My colleague's girlfriend took us to the square in the central area, pointed to every landscape, flag, tree, sculpture and stage to create a set of superstitious theories, saying that these are all hints from the state to them, so that they should secretly engage in capital operation and build the Beibu Gulf here.

Urban construction and public security environment, as the achievements of the development of Beihai, are also used by MLO members. The MLM personnel introduced the development prospects of Beihai and Beibu Gulf in a disorderly way. They always compared Shenzhen with Beihai, trying to explain that Beihai, like Shenzhen in that year, should not only attract talents and funds, but also avoid the frenzied propaganda, avoid the influx of a large number of outsiders or funds, lose the investment opportunities, and the first entrants will make a profit. They said that the money collected by MLM organizations will be transferred to a public account Invest in infrastructure construction in the state.

I asked my colleague's girlfriend: did the people who made 10.4 million yuan buy any industry in Beihai with the money? She couldn't say anything.

In a bookstore, I saw a shocking scene. A group of people crowded in a corner. The bookstores were full of so-called private capital operation or consumption investment books. Most of the books were unheard of in bookstores in other cities. These people not only read books, but also introduce each other's experience and look for 'clues'. A young man who has just graduated from university is searching for the 'clues' that the organization has given them, believing that it is the secret code of capital operation left by the state to MLM organizations.

In these days, I even met a chat up at the beach with a saleswoman. At that time, some people engaged in quality development activities on the beach. They didn't know each other, but they were as good as their relatives. I have observed that people on the beach have a wonderful friendliness, but colleagues and their girlfriends say that I have lived in a reinforced concrete city for too long, and I am used to the cold interpersonal atmosphere, but I am not used to coming here. I laughed it off and said nothing. Later, a group of young teams playing the game of losing handkerchiefs joined us. I was determined not to participate. I watched them play. At this time, some beautiful women came to chat with me. First, they talked about their industry and persuaded me to join them.


On my last day in Beihai, I was reluctantly led by my colleagues and their girlfriends to participate in an 'inspection tour'.

The first stop of "investigation" is Fangchenggang. The tour guide claims to be the host of the TV program. He has a good voice, says and sings. I followed them all the way in front of the various landscapes at the gate of the municipal government to listen to the extraordinary explanations. A stone tablet, a picture, a sculpture, even a stone step, they can interpret the secret code of MLM. They interpret the so-called lucky numbers of '3, 7, 29 and 600' as: the government encourages individual investment promotion, visits the Beibu Gulf for at least 7 days, and finally each person successfully brings 3 people, and then continues to assist in the development of offline, and finally when the offline reaches 600 people, they can get 2.9 million yuan of prize money.

In this process, they won't mention "MLM" to you, just tell you "code" code ", and then attach these" code "code" code "code to various landscapes. For example, there are four holes in the stone tablet, which refers to the operation mode of "one belt, three areas"; there are three sculptures in the water, which is the same meaning; there are seven people in the picture, who will come to investigate for seven days to understand what happened here. But all along, I didn't hear the guide mention where the figures 29 and 600 came from.

After that, we went to see the real estate and Dongxing City, which borders Vietnam. The 'inspection' of these places means that you can walk around to see how perfect the place is, how good its geographical location is, how attractive its future prospects are, and how hallucinating it is that you can reach the peak of your life in minutes after entering the industry. Of course, they have never explained the inevitable connection between entering this industry and the development of this region. Only by wrapping up layers and finally putting on the "golden armour" of national policy, they have become the "1040 project".

On the way of "investigation", several tour guides took turns to brainwash, especially a person who looked like a small boss held a mobilization meeting to talk about capital operation, boasted about MLM and scolded those who opposed it to death.

At this point, I can't stand it. I found that colleagues and their girlfriends didn't need me to remind them to stay away from MLM. They just lied to me to participate in MLM.

The delegation returned to Beihai. As soon as I got off, I turned around and took a taxi to the station.

Now, looking back on the experience of those days, we can completely comb out the pyramid scheme: the elderly must be good to eat and drink when they receive new people, carry out emotional kidnapping, and force new people to patiently go through a complete 'marketing process'; then we need to explore the point, because the construction of the whole city is their so-called investment object of capital operation, so we must let new people know about' projects'; after arousing the curiosity of new people, we will Start to arrange various' visits' and 'study tours'.

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