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What does autumn start in 2017 mean? What to eat in the beginning of autumn? Why should we stick aut

Another day is about to start autumn. Do you know what it means? Autumn is a mature harvest season. The "beginning" of autumn means the beginning, and "autumn" means the ripening period of crops. The beginning of autumn means the beginning of autumn. After the beginning of autumn, the diet should be adjusted. Eat more fatty food and stick to the autumn fat!

Three seasons at the beginning of autumn

According to the collection of seventy-two moon orders: "in autumn, when we seize things, we seize them.". The beginning of autumn not only indicates that the hot summer is about to pass, but also the coming of autumn. It also means that the plants are beginning to bear children and the harvest season is coming. At this time, early rice harvesting, late rice transplanting and autumn crops enter an important period of growth and development. The ancients regarded the beginning of autumn as an important moment at the turn of summer and autumn, and always attached great importance to this solar term. According to records, in the imperial palace of the early autumn of the Song Dynasty, the plane trees planted in the basin should be moved into the palace. When the time of the early autumn arrived, the official of the imperial historian said loudly: 'autumn is coming. 'after playing, one or two leaves of sycamore are dropped to express the meaning of autumn.

In ancient times, autumn was divided into three seasons: 'the cool wind came at the beginning of autumn'. After the beginning of autumn, many areas in China began to blow northerly and southerly winds gradually decreased. The little north wind brought a little coolness to people. "Two Hou white dew falls". Due to the strong sunshine during the day, the cool wind at night forms a certain temperature difference between day and night. In the morning, the water vapor in the air condenses on the outdoor plants into crystal dew beads. The cicadas at this time have enough food and proper temperature, whistling proudly on the branches of the breeze, as if to tell people that the hot summer has passed. 5 days at a time, 15 days at the beginning of autumn, gradually cool. Cooling is the trend of climate. According to the description of the three seasons of the beginning of autumn, it may be in the cold cycle.

What is the beginning of autumn

The solar term indicates that the hot summer is about to pass and autumn is coming. When the beginning of autumn comes, many parts of our country are still in the hot summer. Although it is difficult to get rid of the summer heat and the aftereffect of the autumn tiger after the beginning of autumn, the general trend of the weather is gradually cool. The temperature difference between morning and evening is gradually obvious, which is usually very hot in the daytime, but relatively cool at night. Of course, due to different climates all over the country, the real start time of autumn is not the same.

In reality, the beginning of autumn can be divided into several categories: in the 24 solar terms, the beginning of autumn is the beginning of the four solar terms; in astronomy, the autumn equinox is regarded as the beginning of autumn according to the earth's orbit around the sun; in climate statistics, since January is generally the coldest month, July is the hottest month, March to May is spring, June to August is summer, and September to November is the beginning of autumn; in daily average, March to May is spring, June to August is summer, and September to November is autumn In terms of temperature, when the daily average temperature is between & le; 22 ℃ and & Ge; 10 ℃ for five consecutive days, the first day is regarded as the starting date of autumn.

Start autumn 'stick autumn fat'

In the beginning of autumn, people always say "stick autumn fat". It turns out that in the past, people paid much attention to solar terms, most of which were related to eating and disease prevention, which was closely related to people's concern for their own health. "Food is the most important thing for the people". Autumn is a very important solar term. Of course, people can't forget to eat it. It is popular among the people to weigh people by hanging scales on the day of the beginning of autumn, and compare their weight with that of the beginning of summer to check whether they are fat or thin. Weight loss is called "bitter summer". At that time, people used to judge health only by fat and thin. Of course, you need to 'mend' when you are thin. The way to mend is to 'stick autumn fat'. You can eat delicious food. Of course, you should first choose meat, 'stick fat with meat'.

It is popular in Beijing and Hebei. On this day, ordinary people eat stewed meat. Those who pay more attention to it eat white cut meat, red stewed meat, dumplings filled with meat, stewed chicken, stewed duck, braised fish, etc.