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Who is the heroine of war wolf 2? Lu Jingshan's profile and family composition

Who is the heroine of war wolf 2? Lu Jingshan's profile and family composition in the crazy hit of "wolf 2", the heroine in the film began to be concerned by everyone. At the beginning, many people thought that she was Asian, looked at her westerner carefully, and even met her cousin in some cases.

In fact, the hostess in wolf 2 is not a new person. It is not the first time to cooperate with Wu Jing. The first time is in the movie wolf teeth directed by Wu Jing. The hostess is Lu Jingshan. The following editor brings you Lu Jingshan's first-hand personal data and information!

Chinese Name: Lu Jingshan

Microblog Name: Lu Jingshan

Foreign name: Celina jade

Nationality: Hong Kong, China

Constellation: Gemini

Blood type: o

Height: 164CM

Place of birth: Hong Kong, China

Date of birth: June 10, 1985

Occupation: model, actor, singer

Lu Jingshan was born in Hong Kong and grew up in an acting family. Her mother is Chinese, and her father Roy Horan is a Kung Fu actor. She once worked with Jackie Chan on the kung fu movie "snake shaped Diao Shou". Lu Jingshan has been deeply influenced since she was a child and cultivated a strong interest in acting career. From kindergarten to high school, she studied in the local Chinese School of Hong Kong (maryman), learned fluent oral and written Cantonese, Mandarin and English, and learned archery, shooting and Taekwondo beside her father.

At the age of 14, Lu left Hong Kong for New Jersey. After a short stay in New Jersey, she returned to Hong Kong and attended Hong Kong Island middle school (a school under the British Foundation School Association). Her education experience at Hong Kong Island high school laid the foundation for her to go to London. After that, she studied at the London School of economics and politics and got her bachelor's degree in management with first-class honors. Besides being an actor, Lu Jingshan is also a vegetarian. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Lu Jingshan's first appearance on the big screen is wolf tooth, a movie directed and acted by herself in Wujing. It is reported that the heroine of wolf 2 was originally Yu Nan, but now she is Lu Jingshan. Therefore, many netizens are curious about the relationship between Lu Jingshan and Wu Jing. Now let's go to have a detailed understanding with the editor of this article. On May 8, 2016, Wu Jing forwarded a micro blog saying: 'at that time, because of the different understanding of the role, there was no less quarrel. "It caused the nostalgia of netizens.

Lu Jingshan posted a photo with Wu Jing on her microblog, saying it felt the same as before. Wu Jing and Lu Jingshan are friends in the movie wolf tooth. Lu Jingshan and Wu Jing co starred in the kung fu movie "wolf tooth", and achieved good results, and got a good evaluation, becoming a hot new martial arts star, more successful in Hollywood. After that, Lu Jingshan and Wu Jing kept in touch. This group photo caused a nostalgic upsurge of netizens. It can be seen that the two people met because of filming, and they still kept in touch outside the play, so they are very good friends. According to the editor of this article, Wu Jing is like Lu Jingshan's bole. Lu Jingshan's acting skills are appreciated by Wu Jing. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Wolf 2 is in hot shooting. The film has always kept the heroine's role secret, which has also attracted a lot of audience's attention. Today, the mysterious heroine is unveiled and joined by Hong Kong actress Lu Jingshan as the heroine of the film. For Hong Kong actress Lu Jingshan, the audience is still unfamiliar. The editor of this article is here to sort out the latest personal resources of Hong Kong actress Lu Jingshan Material and highlight film sexy photo album, let's see it together!