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Schedule of 2018 panda Cup where will 2018 panda Cup Football Championship be held

On May 23, the 2018 "panda Cup" International Youth Football Championship will kick off in Chengdu Shuangliu sports center. In addition to the U19 national youth team of China, the other three teams are England, Uruguay and Hungary. The four teams will fight in a single cycle.

The 2018 panda cup is as follows:

23 May 15:00 England vs Uruguay

23 May 19:00 China vs Hungary

May 25 15:00 Uruguay vs Hungary

25 May 19:00 England vs China

May 27 15:00 Hungary vs England

May 27, 19:00 China vs Uruguay

Founded in 2014, panda cup is an international youth competition jointly sponsored by China Football Association and Chengdu municipal government. The invited teams are U18 and U19 age groups from all countries.

The panda cup is the cradle of international stars in the future. Players who have participated in the panda cup have played in various professional leagues -- Pereira and Danilo of Brazil youth team have played in top European clubs such as Manchester United and Valencia respectively. Zhang Yuning, ye erfan and Huang Zichang, who once fought for the panda cup on behalf of China youth team, are now playing in top international and domestic leagues Playing well.

As the fifth "panda Cup", the overall strength of the team participating in the panda cup is the strongest in history. This tournament has invited the top European team, England international youth, who won the 2017 U17 World Cup, with strong strength. Most of the team's players are from the Premier League echelon. Last year's defending champion, Hungarian national youth, will continue to compete this year. In addition, he also invited the South American top team Uruguay Guoqing. Three young armies of great strength will join the host country, China, in this panda cup.