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How to eat more horseradish seeds

Sihaiwang: we all know that eating spicy seeds is good for your health. But some people think that spicy wood seeds are very good, and they just eat a lot, so what happens if they eat too much? May as well and small make up understand next!

How to eat more horseradish seeds

What do the five flavors of horseradish represent

A spicy wood seed may taste five flavors. People with different tastes have different ways of body maintenance.

The normal healthy body eats the spicy wood seed is pure sweet, if has the following five flavors to know the symptom, the diet therapy will improve for some time. Syndrome differentiation of five flavors at the entrance: bitter (liver function strain), acid (heart and small intestine weakness), astringency (spleen, intestine and lung imbalance), nausea (brain nerve and body weakness), fishy (kidney and bladder deficiency).

What happens if I eat too much horseradish

Although the horseradish seed is rich in nutrition, the horseradish seed has magical effect and can not be eaten. And spicy wood seeds can not eat more, more than 10 at a time is easy to vomit, more than 20, vomiting and diarrhea. You'd better take 5-6 capsules a day. Please pay attention to the dosage limit. Excessive use may cause diarrhea.

Generally speaking, it's best to take 2-4 capsules once or three times a day at the beginning, and then add or subtract them one week later according to your constitution. The best way to eat spicy wood seeds is to chew them carefully and then take them in boiling water.

It should be noted that patients with heart disease should eat properly, pregnant women, severe asthma and infants under six months are not recommended to use. One of the functions of horseradish seed is to pass the bowels along the Qi, so people who are more sensitive to the stomach and intestines should be careful.

The edible method of horseradish seed

Generally speaking, the way to eat spicy wood seeds is very simple. Peel the shell, chew the inner seeds, and take it with more than 300 ml of boiled water after the spicy wood seeds are crushed. Take the peeled seed shell with water bubble or use it as water purification agent in any environment. Take 4-6 capsules daily.

Horseradish seed has many effects. In order to achieve the ideal effect, the method and dosage of taking horseradish seed will be different according to personal situation and purpose. Next, we will introduce different ways of taking spicy seeds.

1. People with constipation: in the morning and at noon, drink water after eating 2 pieces of horseradish seeds on an empty stomach. (try to drink as much water as possible to eat spicy wood seeds in the morning, which will help smooth the intestines.) peel the shells and eat the inner seeds.

2. Drinkers: 30-15 minutes before drinking, eat 4-5 spicy seeds, directly chew and swallow, while drinking about 300 ml. Take care not to eat greasy and spicy food after eating spicy wood seeds to avoid affecting the effectiveness of spicy wood seeds.

3. Diabetes: at the beginning, western medicine can't be stopped temporarily. Pay attention to observe the blood sugar every day. Every morning, noon and evening, 5 pieces of spicy wood seeds are respectively chewed and swallowed directly. After eating, drinking water is about 500ml (about 150ml each time, divided into 3-4 times). If the disease is not serious, it can be reduced to 3 capsules in the morning, noon and evening respectively. After getting rid of the medicine, it can be added to 4 capsules (no more than 6 capsules are recommended).

4. Three high crowd: the elderly with three high, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases can take 1-3 capsicum seeds half an hour after meals every day.

5. Sub healthy people: in the early stage of adaptation, take 2 capsules at noon and evening, chew and swallow them directly, and drink about 500ml of water after eating (about 150ml each time, divided into 3-4 times). After the acclimation period, there were 3 capsules in the morning, noon and evening respectively.


After eating horseradish seed, there will be a period of back sweet in the mouth, whether it is drinking water or eating; Urination will be more frequent than usual, horseradish seed has diuretic effect, can promote the water circulation in the body, but also a kind of detoxification.

Horseradish seed can be used as a daily health product. It should be eaten every day according to the needs of all aspects of efficacy. It will be significantly improved after 1-2 months.