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How to match suspenders with clothes to make them look better for people of what size

Sihaiwang: suspenders are a very popular style for girls. They are very energetic to wear. Different ways of dressing feel different. You can wear cute sister and royal sister. So how can the suspenders match the clothes better? How do you feel different when wearing suspenders? May as well and small make up understand next!

2018 belt pants with top belt pants with BODYSUIT

The sweater itself is a very relaxed and leisure piece, so it can play a role in reducing the age of leisure with the belt pants. Full of retro smell, but also very beautiful.

Strap pants with shirt

Strap pants mix and match simple white shirt, can neutralize the formal and professional sense of white shirt, make the whole dress more lively and playful, give people a kind of affinity!

Strap pants with T-shirt

Strap pants with T-shirt, simple and fashion, youth and vitality in a small fresh breath, simple collocation in the daily wear and match the most suitable!

Strap pants with long sleeves

The tight bottoming top and loose sense back belt pants can not only be simple and easy to wear, but also inadvertently show the sexy posture and highlight the feminine characteristics!

How to match the suspenders with clothes

Easy to match Suspenders

It's going to be fashionable again~

Last year, a retro trend has brought a lot of fashion pieces. From Retro sports to retro tooling and retro wear, the fashion circle has perfectly verified the theory of "fashion trend reincarnation".

Belt pants are just in time to catch up with this trend and make a comeback. Originally changed from farm work clothes, the back belt pants suddenly became the boutique that the fashionable elite competed to perform.

Left: Atsushi Nakashima right: Cristiano burani

This versatile and beautiful style will continue to be popular this year~

Matching sweater: the most practical wear in cold spring

It's a bit cold in early spring. Chic can be found only in winter sweaters and belt pants. The knitted sweater with large wool collar is just for the belt pants to be decorated. It looks warm and good-looking.

However, the length of the mop has a requirement for height. The little baby can try the wearing method shown in the right figure. Tie a cowboy coat at the waist. Don't be too cool!

Hemp sweater with back belt pants, a pair of shallow mouth pointed shoes, with a student spirit, vitality girl is you!

Matching with the sweater: full of street feeling

In addition to sweaters, the matching of back belt pants and sweater is the combination of street sense 1 + 1 > 2. Simple white sweater with jeans back belt pants is simple and fashionable, and it's more lovely to add a ball head.

Casual style hooded sweater with camel back belt pants and sneakers, comfortable and warm, plus a suit coat can change commuter clothes.

Matching shirt: essential in spring

Spring is coming. It's time to wear a shirt! The shirt is a necessary item for everyone. The simple and clean shirt belongs to the basic all-around style. It has a high CP value with the belt pants.

White shirt with denim belt pants, with fresh temperament, full of girlhood; black belt pants with a different fashion, plus a beret, a modern fashion.

The combination of suspenders and flared pants is very suitable for babies with thick calves. It's very nice to simply match with a white shirt. The design of bow tie is romantic and the combination of casual pants is very meaningful.

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