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Comparison of true and false identification of ISI water emulsion

Is a popular skin care product recently. It is famous for its snail cream, which is very easy to use. Because it is a hot product, fake products are popular and can't be prevented. How to identify whether it is a real product? This method of distinguishing the true from the false is not to be studied as soon as possible.

What do you think of the true and the false

True and false picture of the outer package of ISI snail milk

There are some differences in the outer packaging between real and fake ISI snail milk. The color of the outer packaging of the real goods on the left is not as dark as that of the fake goods on the right. In fact, this is the most obvious difference between true and false snail milk. Second, you can see the pattern of the design of the ISI snail milk box. The real ISI snail milk will present a three-dimensional feeling, while the fake ISI snail milk will appear a lot of flat.

The true and false picture of the bottom of the package of ISI snail water emulsion

The raw material used for the production date at the bottom of the real ISI milk packaging box is environmental protection raw material, which is not reliable. Long time friction will cause the barcode to be rubbed off or the color of the barcode to become lighter; while the fake ISI snail milk is the industrial ink used, which generally does not fade or fall off. In addition, the girls should also pay attention to the fact that the real ISI snail milk has two Korean letters after the production date, which is not a fake.

True and false picture of the back of the body of the ice snail milk bottle

In fact, the fakes of ISI snail's water emulsion are well protected. At first glance, it's hard to find out the truth of ISI snail. However, as long as you are careful, you will find the difference between the real and the fake ISI snail milk. The self print of the real ISI milk on the back of the bottle body is clear, and the stroke thickness of the mosquito is even; the self of the fake ISI milk is not clear enough and the stroke thickness of each word is different.

Bottom batch number of Zhenyi water emulsion bottle

The following is the batch printing method of authentic products. The first line is date plus Korean, and the second line is batch. Although this is a different batch of products, the batch number at the bottom of the bottle keeps a uniform spray printing method.

Batch No. drawing of the bottom of Fays water emulsion bottle

The overall layout of fake ISI water emulsion is the same as that of real ISI water emulsion, but it is noted that the strokes in numbers or letters often vary in thickness, and the ink dots are thick and thin, resulting in unclear and unclean characters.

True and false picture of the cap of the ice milk bottle

As you can see, there is a fake bottle cap in the middle of the four genuine ones. The contrast is quite obvious, mainly in the color. The genuine one is the standard silver, and the color is brighter. The color of fakes is darker, and there is a very obvious difference between them.

True and false picture of the inside of the ice milk bottle cap

The shape of the inside of the real and fake ice milk bottle cap is basically the same. The main problem is that the color of the outer ring of the fake cap is much whiter than that of the genuine one. Please pay attention to it. Another cute pig also felt that the weight of the fake bottle cap was lighter than that of the genuine one, and the two caps were obviously more authentic and heavier.

True and false picture of Yisi water emulsion pressure mouth

You can see that on the left is fake, on the right is the real lids and nozzles of different dates. Although the lids and nozzles of different dates are different in color, they are exactly the same in shape and size. The fake cap is one size thicker than the genuine one. In addition, the upper nozzle has a higher angle of elevation, and the transition connecting radian between the nozzle and the cap is also different.

True and false picture of ISI water emulsion tube

As you can see from the above comparison chart, there are differences in both the assembling process and the inner and outer colors of the real and the fake ISI water emulsion lids.

What age is it suitable for

ISE is suitable for people over 20 years old, the most popular snail cream is suitable for people between 20 and 30 years old, and red ginseng snail cream is suitable for people over 30 years old. Girls are going to start skin care from the age of 20, and ISE can basically meet the needs of all ages above 20. Its products are divided into many different series, each series is aimed at different skin problems, so it is suitable for different ages.

Can sensitive skin use ISE

Sensitive skin can use ise, which is a brand of cosmetics, mainly composed of pure Chinese herbal ingredients, without hormone, so it is very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. The product of the new supersedes the old. It can repair the scar, anti aging and promote the metabolism of skin. After the sensitive skin is used, the skin will gradually stabilize, especially when it is used for season allergy.