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Is there any kind of sensitive skin that can use this product

Sensitive people pay special attention to skin care products, a little attention will cause skin problems. We can give you an Amway skin care product suitable for sensitive muscles - ISI water emulsion. How about this product? You can get to know it with Xiaobian.

Which series is easy to use

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Refreshing type

Suitable for skin type: mixed oily and oily skin.

Suitable age: 20-30 years old.

Press design is very hygienic and convenient. Press two times to smear the face enough. The toner is thicker and the fragrance is refreshing. The face is moist and the emulsion is well absorbed. After use, the skin is not dry or oily, which is very suitable for summer use. About 2 weeks, we can see that the red pockmarks become lighter and the skin improves a lot as a whole.

Moist type

Suitable for skin type: dry, neutral and mixed partial dry skin.

Suitable age: 20-30 years old.

Moisturizing degree is very good, moistening but not greasy. After use, the skin is smooth, tender and tender, and it is also moist enough in winter. It has a good effect on removing pockmarks, red blood silk, shrinking pores and so on, and the taste is relatively light. Compared with the refreshing type, the moisturizing degree is better and more lasting, which can meet the moisturizing and moisturizing needs of the skin in autumn and winter.

Red ginseng snail repairing milk

Suitable for: dry, neutral and sensitive skin.

Suitable age: over 30 years old.

Light fragrance, very good absorption, moisturizing effect is very good, summer will not have greasy feeling. Rich in red ginseng and ginseng, it can whiten and remove yellow, repair skin, fade scars, improve wrinkles and remove fine lines, and is also a good partner for sensitive skin.

Can sensitive skin use ISE

Sensitive skin can use ise, which is a brand of cosmetics, mainly composed of pure Chinese herbal ingredients, without hormone, so it is very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. The product of the new supersedes the old. It can repair the scar, anti aging and promote the metabolism of skin. After the sensitive skin is used, the skin will gradually stabilize, especially when it is used for season allergy.

User evaluation of ISI water emulsion

Because I have pockmarks and pits on my face, and my pores are relatively large. Hearing the effect of ise, I was so excited that I immediately went to my Korean makeup shop to buy it. The shopkeeper said what would happen when I started using it, and then I used it for a month to have three big pockmarks, which have been eliminated now. I have been using it for 25 days since I bought it. There are almost no pockmarks with dark color, but I haven't seen any effect for those with deep color. The taste of this kind of water emulsion is good. It's light. It's moistening and absorbs quickly. I hope the skin will use better and better.