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Google is fined 2.42 billion. Why is Google fined 2.42 billion? Recently, the European Commission announced that it would impose a fine of 24.2 euros (18.68 billion yuan) on Google, and then Google said it did not agree with the ruling and would appeal. Why does Google face such a high ticket? Let's learn about it together!

Beijing time, June 27 evening news, in response to the EU's $2.7 billion fine decision today, Google later said it would consider appealing against the EU's findings. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

The European Union announced earlier today that it has decided to fine Google 2.42 billion euros ($2.7 billion) for favoring its own service, Google shopping, in search results.

In response, Google later issued a statement that it did not agree with the EU decision and would consider appealing. In a statement, Google's general counsel, Kent walker, said: 'we do not agree with the findings and penalties announced by the EU today. We will evaluate the decision in detail as the company is considering an appeal. This article is compiled by and reprinted with reference to the source. The original link:

Industry insiders said that Google's appeal will make the final decision of this case wait several years to come out. Intel's monopoly case is an example. The European Union fined Intel 1.06 billion euros ($1.44 billion) as early as may 2009, but after two appeals, the Supreme Court will not hear the case until next year.