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Does 17-year-old girl take contraceptive to prepare for college entrance examination to take contrac

at the age of 17, Xiaoqing is in great pain every time she comes to her aunt, but she doesn't want to. Next time, her aunt bumps into a car with the college entrance examination. She has no choice but to take birth control pills every day to avoid menstruation. But because the time of taking it is a little late, it may not be able to avoid menstruation in the college entrance examination.

In order to avoid taking birth control pills

Xiaoqing, a 17-year-old senior in a high school in Yuhang, Hangzhou, is in good health at ordinary times, but her aunt's days every month are very painful for her.

'every time I come to my aunt, I have stomachache, nausea and vomiting. 'the college entrance examination is coming. According to the calculation of menstrual cycle, Xiaoqing's aunt happened to be in those days, which made her anxious.

Last Thursday, Xiaoqing's mother heard that taking the pill could delay her menstruation, so she immediately went to the drugstore to buy the pill for her daughter. However, yesterday, she learned in a chat with her little sister that this contraceptive can't be taken indiscriminately, and eating the wrong pill will cause menstrual disorders. So, in the early morning of today, Xiaoqing's mother took Xiaoqing to Yuhang Union Hospital (Yuhang District Maternal and child health care hospital) affiliated to the Medical College of Zhejiang University.

Ma Linjuan, chief physician of gynecology and obstetrics hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical College, said: 'taking the short effect contraceptive pill can avoid menstruation, but it is necessary to standardize the medication, not to take it at will, and pay attention to certain methods when taking it. According to Xiaoqing's medication time, it is a little late, and it may not be possible to avoid menstruation when taking the college entrance examination. '

It is suggested that menstruation should be allowed as much as possible

"Every time we arrive at the college entrance examination season and the middle school entrance examination season, some students and their parents come to see a doctor in April and may, hoping to avoid the examination by taking medicine and injection. "Ma said.

After puberty, with the periodic ovulation of the ovary, the regular and periodic shedding and bleeding of the endometrium also occur, which is one of the signs of the mature female reproductive function. From hyperplasia to secretion, if the ovum discharged from the ovary is not fertilized, the uterus will fall off and bleed once a month, which is called menstruation. The main components are blood, tissue fragments of endometrium, inflammatory cells, cervical mucus and vaginal epithelium.

'women's menstruation is just a process of periodic physiological changes of endocrine, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. Don't avoid it deliberately, try to relieve their tension, treat it well when they meet it, and let it go naturally. Ma Linjuan mentioned that the common causes of dysmenorrhea in young women mainly include: the narrow cervix of the cervix causes the obstruction of menstrual outflow, or the posterior position of the uterus, or the position of the uterus is extremely retroflexed; in the endometrium or the menstrual blood, the content of prostaglandin and interleukin is high, causing the contraction of the uterus, leading to dysmenorrhea; the mental and neurological factors lead to over sensitivity to pain, etc.

She told reporters: 'if it is dysmenorrhea patients, or seriously affect the physical condition, want to avoid the examination during menstruation, you can take the medicine under the guidance of the doctor, do not take the medicine by yourself. '

Short acting contraceptives do not cause menstrual disorders

'taking birth control pills to avoid menstruation is a way with a high success rate. Ma Linjuan mentioned that if women want to avoid menstruation due to college entrance examination or travel, they need to start taking short-term contraceptives one month in advance to adjust the cycle.

She said that she could start from the first day to the fifth day of menstruation in the month before the exam, take a short-term pill such as Marvelon orally, take one pill every day until the end of the college entrance examination, and then stop taking the pill. After stopping taking the pill, she would have menstruation. "It should be noted that the medicine should not be missed. If you feel unwell, you should not change the medicine or stop it without permission. You should consult a doctor. '

Many parents are worried that taking contraceptives will lead to endocrine disorder and menstrual disorder in adolescence. Ma Linjuan said that as long as the contraindications of taking contraceptives are excluded (such as serious cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney dysfunction, thrombotic diseases, etc.), taking contraceptives according to the doctor's orders will not lead to endocrine disorder and menstrual disorder in adolescence.

The side effects of the contraceptive are relatively small. A small number of women will have nausea and vomiting, pigmentation, mild headache and other side effects such as early pregnancy reaction and vaginal drip bleeding, but most of these side effects will disappear after 1-2 weeks of use. Ma Linjuan also mentioned that long-term contraceptives and emergency contraceptives may lead to endocrine disorders and menstrual disorders. It is not recommended to use them for a long time, but occasionally.

In addition to contraceptives, Ma said, women can also start taking progesterone 7-10 days before menstruation (such as 200mg progesterone capsule, or 20mg Daphne, once a day), or intramuscular injection of 20-40mg progesterone, once a day, until the end of the college entrance examination. But these methods may not be safe to take contraceptives.


Ma Linjuan reminds women to keep warm during menstruation and to keep enough rest and sleep. In diet, it is not suitable to eat raw and cold food and cold drinks, not suitable to drink and stimulating food, to eat more fresh vegetables and drink more water.

'during menstruation, vigorous exercise and swimming are not allowed, but low-intensity and mild sports can be carried out. At the same time, it is not suitable to take a bath. It is recommended to take a shower. Ma Linjuan reminded that women should pay attention to changing sanitary napkins frequently during menstruation, so as to keep the vulva clean.