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It's better to wash your hands before you wash your face

It's easier to wash your hands and face before you wash your face. However, a magazine in the United States published "nine mistakes to avoid in face washing". The article points out that improper face washing can easily lead to dry skin, increased wrinkles, acne, rash and other skin diseases, and even accelerate the speed of aging.

I. do not wash your hands before washing your face

"Wash your hands before washing your face" is an important step ignored by most people. Many people think that in the process of face washing, both hands will naturally wash together, in fact, they are not. This makes it easier to get dirt, bacteria and grease from your hands on your face.

II. The water temperature is too hot or too cold

Wash face water should avoid too hot or too cold. If the water temperature is too high, the oil on the skin will be washed away and the face will feel dry more easily. If you wash your face with cold water, it will stimulate the skin and damage the capillaries. Experts suggest that the use of about 35 ℃ warm water wash face, can maintain skin moisture, avoid skin irritation.

III. no shampoo line

After using cleansers such as facial cleanser, wash thoroughly, especially the hair line, neck, nose and other parts. If these chemicals are not washed thoroughly and remain on the skin, it is easy to cause pore blockage and dry skin, even skin allergy.

IV. wash the eyes

Many people are used to rubbing their faces hard when washing. But the skin around the eyes is very sensitive. It's best to use your fingers to gently press and clean. In addition, do not use strong alkaline soap or cleanser for eye skin cleaning.

V. dry directly after washing

After washing your face, avoid using towel to wipe your face hard. It's better to pat dry the water on your face first, and then use a clean and soft towel to gently dry the water. Also note that do not share towels with family members, avoid cross infection of bacteria, and avoid hanging towels too close to the pool.

Vi. do not apply skin cream immediately after washing

Moisturizer should be applied within 3 minutes after face washing, when the skin is still wet. If the skin is dry and then coated, the active ingredients of skin care products will be difficult to be absorbed by the skin, resulting in the skin becoming too oily or rough.

7. The whole family share facial cleanser

Everyone's skin type is different, so you should choose the right cleanser according to your skin type, otherwise it will lead to dry and red skin. As long as cleaning products can remove dirt, bacteria and excess grease.

VIII. Frequent peeling

Removing dead skin will make the skin smooth. However, too often to remove dead skin, or use a rough scrub rub the face, easy to damage the skin. The best way to remove dead skin is once a week, not more than twice.

9. Wash your face only once a day

Not often wash face easy to cause facial bacterial infection, serious acne and other skin diseases. You should wash it twice a day. Washing your face before going to bed at night can remove the dust on your face from the whole day. Washing your face in the morning can remove the grease and bacteria accumulated on your face at night. However, people with dry skin can only wash their face with clean water in the morning.