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How to deal with the yellow leaves of the green pineapple: cause analysis and solution

Too much or too little water, too strong or too weak sunlight, too much or too little fertilizer will cause the leaves to turn yellow. Yellow is not the same, we should carefully observe and analyze the reasons. According to different yellowing conditions, different measures can be taken to raise a good-looking green pineapple. what to do about the yellowness of the leaves: 1. The reason and treatment of the yellowness of the leaves caused by environmental mutation: 1

The reason for the sudden change of environment is that the temperature, humidity and light suddenly change too much, or the root needs to be slowed down when the basin is changed, resulting in the yellow leaves.

Solution: don't worry about this situation, take measures to reduce the degree of environmental change, and wait for it to adapt.

2. Too much water causes the leaves of the green pineapple to turn yellow (water yellow):

The young leaves are dark yellow and lusterless, the old leaves have no obvious change, the branches are small, yellow and green, and the new shoots are not long withered, indicating that there is too much water.

Solution: place the turquoise in a cool and ventilated place, wait for the soil to dry and then put it back in the basin.

3. Long term water shortage leads to yellow leaves (dry yellow):

The yellow of water shortage is different from the yellow of water abundance. The yellow of water shortage is the withering and drying of leaf tip or edge. The old leaves wither and fall off from bottom to top, but the new leaves grow normally.

Solution: pay attention to fully and thoroughly watering.

4. The leaves of the green pineapple turn yellow (burn yellow) due to exposure to the sun:

Strong direct sunlight is easy to cause the shoot and edge of the leaves to wither, and yellow spots appear in the sunrise part of the leaves.

Solution: move to the shade and ventilate.

5. The leaves of the green pineapple are yellow due to the lack of sunlight:

The leaves can not get enough sunlight and form chlorophyll in the long-term shade environment. The whole leaves turn yellow and then fall off.

Solution: move to a place with plenty of light.

6. Too much fertilizer causes the leaves of the green pineapple to turn yellow (fat yellow):

The yellowing caused by excessive fertilization or excessive concentration is manifested in dry brown at the top of the new leaf, generally the leaf surface is thick and lusterless, and the concave and convex are not stretched out, and the old leaves are burnt yellow and fall off.

Solution: stop fertilizing immediately, wash part of the fertilizer with plenty of water or change the culture soil.

7. The long-term lack of fertilizer causes the leaves of the green pineapple to turn yellow (yellow due to lack of fertilizer):

The color of the young leaves becomes light, yellow or light green, while that of the old leaves is normal or gradually turns from green to yellow.

Solution: check the basin soil, if there is any dry phenomenon, replace the soil. Usually thin fertilizer is applied frequently and some alum water is poured timely.

8. Rotten roots cause the leaves of the green pineapple to turn yellow: the color of the tender leaves becomes light, yellow or light green.

Solution: remove the rotten roots and put them in a ventilated place to cool and dry. After the wound is healed, return to the basin. Pay attention that there should be no water in the basin. if too much fertilizer is applied, the leaves of the green pineapple will turn yellow and the green pineapple will be cured. 1. If you want to remove the yellow leaves, you should pay attention not to drag them directly. You can use scissors to cut them from the middle of the petioles to avoid excessive water loss, which will have a bad impact on the growth of the green pineapple.

2. When it's just planted, it can't be directly exposed to strong light. It can be placed in a place with weak light. The newly planted green Gong will grow in about 20 days. Cultivation experience of potted green pineapple: 1. There are at least 4 fixed seedlings in the pot. The basin soil should be loose, fertile and rich in organic matter, which is favorable for forming.

2. It is required to grow in the environment with high temperature (room temperature should not be lower than 10 ℃ in winter, otherwise yellow leaves and fallen leaves will occur easily) and strong scattering light. If it is too dark for a long time, the internodes will be thin and weak, and the leaves will become thin, light and lusterless.

3. At the end of spring and the beginning of summer (from April to August), cut 15-30cm branches and remove 1-2 nodes of leaves at the base,

4. Direct potting with culture soil, 3-5 in each pot, water permeable, planted in a cool and ventilated place, keep the pot soil moist, take root and germinate in about one month, and grow into ornamental plants in the same year. Users share 7 experiences in the treatment of green and yellow leaves: 1. The green and yellow leaves bought in winter are usually frozen, so when they are put indoors, they will soon appear yellow leaves. After these frozen yellow leaves fall, new leaves will be released in the Spring Festival.

Experience 2: generally, there is a one month adaptation period from the newly purchased green pineapple to the new environment. The yellow leaf at the bottom is normal, but remember: the yellow leaf or dead leaf should not be directly peeled off, but should be cut from the middle of the petiole, so as to avoid excessive water loss and increase wound caused by direct peeling, so that the upper leaf will also turn yellow.

Experience 3: Although the green pineapple is not afraid of darkness, the dark environment will also cause yellow leaves, which can be regularly moved to a place with good light; at the same time, it can not be exposed to the sun, which will not only cause the yellow leaves to fall, but also cause the whole plant to die.

Experience 4: the basin soil is too dry or too wet, both of which will cause metabolism disorder, root damage and yellow leaves falling.

Experience 5: lack of fertilizer, malnutrition will also appear yellow leaves, at this time, we should timely supplement fertilizer.

Experience 6: you can use beer to fertilize properly. Method: mix beer with water in the proportion of 1:1, and spray the stems and leaves.

Experience 7: too much topdressing is also easy to cause root burning, leading to yellow and withered leaves. You can dilute the fertilizer with water to let the nutrients flow. what to do with the yellow leaves of the green pineapple

The green pineapple is an evergreen plant that grows very fast. As long as you pay attention to it at ordinary times, you can raise a very healthy and beautiful potted plant. The flower language of green Luo is "watching happiness". You can put one or two pots of green Luo in your home. The color is bright and full of vitality. It can decorate your room, purify the air and add happiness to your life.