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Stir fried fish and tofu

At ordinary times, some of our friends always like to eat fish tofu after work. Today, I didn't see the master of that family. I passed a fried fish tofu stall and thought about buying several strings of tofu. I was busy for a while and didn't eat them. They said that the fried ones were delicious, too. I just bought some fish tofu myself and went home to fry them. There's no way to bake them. It's not easy to fry them.


1. The frozen fish tofu will be thawed at room temperature, and the oil will be put into the pot to make it 70% hot.

2. Fry fish tofu into golden yellow, take out oil control, sprinkle a little salt, cumin powder and pepper powder on fish tofu while it is hot.

3. Mix well, let each piece of fish tofu dip in the seasoning.