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You, me, husband and wife lungs

1. Stewed beef tendon

2. Fry peanuts and mash them. Roll the cooked sesame seeds into noodles. Mash the raw garlic into mashed garlic.

3. Put in a small half bowl of marinade, add in the soy sauce, chili oil, pepper oil, pepper noodles, a little sugar and the peanut, sesame and garlic in step 2. Mix the sauce well. If there is any celery, it's better to cut it into pieces to taste better.

4. Pour the sauce from step 3 over the sliced beef.

Warm tips: 1. The marinated meat must be cut thin and large, and each piece is soaked with flavor juice, spicy and delicious. 2. Vinegar controllers can add a little vinegar to the taste.