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Plump egg tart with tender almond and tofu

In Hong Kong, there is a "fat Peng egg tart" which is smooth and tender like almond tofu, and like jelly egg tart water. The "Hong Kong first egg tart" is the name of the "fragrant butter tower skin" egg tart. Peng Dingkang, the last governor of Hong Kong, especially liked Taichang egg tarts. He once swallowed several at a time, making Taichang bakery and its cookie skin egg tarts famous.

Home made Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts:

1. Put the butter and sugar powder melted in a into the egg beating basin, and then mix them with the egg beater until they are all fused. Then add the egg liquid and continue to mix. Until it's all fused, the color becomes lighter.

2. Add 5g of cream in a, and continue to beat with the eggbeater (if the quantity is not enough, use the hand eggbeater)

3. 90 grams of flour is put into the flour sieve, and it must be sifted in slowly with the flour sieve, so that the cake skin will be more delicate.

4. First, use chopsticks to stir all the powder in one direction into snowflakes.

5. Slowly knead the snowflake like powder together by hand, because there is a large amount of butter, the cake skin is easy to achieve basin light, hand light, dough smooth kneading into a smooth dough must be covered with a fresh-keeping film, put it into the refrigerator for at least an hour to take out.

Making of custard: mix all materials in B evenly, cover with plastic film and put into refrigerator for at least 6 hours. The formula indicates that the egg soup needs to be placed for a period of time, and the taste of the finished product will be stronger.