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Baby Bass's favorite fish

1) After removing scales, internal organs and gills, the fresh perch uses a knife to follow the two intact pieces of fish under the bones.

2) Put the sliced fish skin on the chopping board face down, and gently chop the fish with a knife to make the fish loose.

3) Find a sharp edged spoon and scrape the fish along its skin. Put the scraped fish into the bowl,

4) Beat in an egg white and mix well. Then add in the dry starch (5g). Mix well with salt.

5) Soak about 15ml of water with scallion and ginger,

6) Put it into the fish, stir well, then put it into the blender and beat into the fish paste.

7) Break 1 egg into egg liquid, pour in cooking wine, add starch water, drop a little oil into the pan, make the egg liquid form a round egg cake.

8) About 1 minute, the crust will be slightly raised around, at this time, use a shovel or hand to gently lift the crust, turn over and fry it for another 15 seconds.

9) Put the egg cake on the chopping board and cool it slightly, evenly cover it with fish paste, then cover it with a piece of seaweed, roll it from one end to the other, wrap it with plastic wrap, and tighten both ends.

10) After the water in the steamer boils, put the rolled bass roll into the steamer and steam for 7 minutes. After finishing, remove the preservative film, and then cut it into sections.