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A classic soup of pork ribs with radish

Baotang and its materials are basically cold water, which is conducive to the full dissolution of protein into the soup. At the same time, do not put salt too early. Salt will also accelerate the coagulation of protein, affecting the taste of the soup. Put some vinegar, it's good for calcium precipitation, it's best to put white vinegar, it won't damage the color of soup.

1. Cut the radish crosswise. Each piece is about 3cm thick. It doesn't need to be too thin. Then cut it to the shape of the moon.

2. The spareribs are boiled in boiling water, then washed with cold water to remove oil and blood.

3. Add ginger slices, star anise, scallion and cooking wine to the pork ribs in cold water. Cook for 20 minutes in a pressure cooker

4. After 20 minutes, pour in the soup pot, remove the froth and put the radish.

5. After another 20 minutes, put salt.

6. Have a taste. OK, it's OK.