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How to decipher Japanese cooking soup

As we all know, Chinese people love hot pot. In ancient times, Japanese hot pot was also very popular in Asian countries. What Japanese hot pot paid great attention to is the method of high soup. The most frequently used one belongs to high soup, which is also very famous in the world. The city with the soul of hot pot will teach you today.


1. Wipe the surface of the cloth with a dry cloth to remove sand and dirt, but do not wipe off the white powder, which is the sweet ingredient of the cloth.

2. Put water and laminar cloth in the pot and heat over medium heat. Before you boil, take out the kunbu.

3. After boiling, add bonito (firewood fish) slices once. When it boils again, turn off the fire immediately.

4. Scoop up the foam on the water with a spoon. Put gauze or kitchen paper towel on the screen, wait until all bonito (firewood fish) pieces sink to the bottom of the pot, then pour in the soup and filter.